By Tara Vreeland, The News On 6

TULSA, OK -- Many Oklahomans are concerned about what the future holds for Jeremiah Mitchell. A triple amputee shared his story with students at Metro Christian of how he's overcome the odds to become an accomplished athlete.

It happened when Cameron Clapp was 15. He admits he was drunk when he passed out on a railroad track near his home in San Luis Obispo, California. He was hit by a train, and as a result lost both his legs above the knees and his right arm below his shoulder.

Cameron Clapp has learned a life time of lessons in just 24 years. After a night of drinking as a teen, a horrific accident resulted in the loss of three limbs.

Then in 2008, his identical twin brother died from a drug overdose.

However, Clapp hasn't let the tragedies trample his spirit. He now gives motivational speeches aimed at junior and high school students.

He emphasizes the consequences of how drugs and alcohol can jeopardize their future.

"It's also about telling them to never give up - and working towards goals and your dreams, and to live your passion in life," said Cameron Clapp, triple amputee.

Clapp's passion for athletics was challenged after his amputations, but with the help of specialized prosthetic limbs he is able to walk, run, and swim.

"Initially, one of the hardest things is learning how to walk again," Clapp said. "And you are using artificial limbs. And the functionality isn't as natural as your human body. It's a learning curve."

But Clapp says he chooses to be positive.

Clapp touched on the current hospitalization of Jeremiah Mitchell and says his heart goes out to the 6-year-old who lost all four limbs after becoming ill with meningitis.

"What I have discovered is after a tragedy, Jeremiah and his family are psychologically going through a lot of turmoil," he said. "The community is going to be there for him."

Clapp says his next goal is to independently complete a triathlon. He can already run and swim but says he's working on the cycling.