By Emory Bryan, The News on 6

TULSA, OK -- A Tulsa City Council discussion of a possible toll bridge in South Tulsa was delayed until April 27th. The council was to discuss a possible land development and toll bridge that's under consideration by an Indian tribe.

Councilor Bill Christiansen said Mayor Bartlett asked for the one-week delay.

"I'm going to meet with Mayor Bartlett and bring out all the documents and see where we stand," Christiansen told the other councilors.

Councilor Christiansen has been concerned about possible plans by the Muscogee Creek Nation to build a toll bridge on the Arkansas River and develop a shopping area in South Tulsa. If the land was placed in trust by the tribe, the City of Tulsa would be unable to collect any taxes on sales made there.

Christiansen said in the meeting that he is concerned there are meetings taking place that "nobody seems to know about" and differing reports on whether the tribe was in the process of placing the land in trust. The area is on 121st Street at Yale Avenue, just north of the Arkansas River.