MIAMI, OK -- The man charged with ten counts of negligent homicide in a 2009 fatal crash on the Will Rogers Turnpike has pleaded guilty.

Donald Creed, 77, was behind the wheel of a tractor-trailer that smashed into a line of cars on the Will Rogers Turnpike in June 2009. Ten people were killed in the crash.

In Oklahoma, the charge of negligent homicide is not a felony, but instead a misdemeanor offence, which carries a maximum one year per count in the county jail.

Creed was given the maximum one year of probation for each count for a total term of probation of ten years. Creed must first serve thirty days in the Ottawa County jail, and he will be subjected to electronic home monitoring through GPS tracking during his first year of probation.

Along with the normal rules and condition of probation, Creed will be prohibited from possessing a commercial driver's license.