Emily Baucum, News On 6

GRAND LAKE, Oklahoma -- A health scare put the brakes on fun in the sun this holiday weekend. A toxic blue-green algae is blooming all over one of Green Country's most popular vacation spots, Grand Lake.

There are lots of people at the Grand Lake to celebrate the Fourth of July; they're just not getting the same view of the lake they wanted.

Duck Creek is an area that's typically packed with boats on a holiday weekend, but Saturday you'll find just a handful.

What's scaring people away? Blue-green algae that can make people and pets sick.

Health officials warned lake goers to avoid all bodily contact with the water. No swimming, no jet sking and no water-skiing. You can, however, take your boat out on the water.

Video from SkyNews6 Friday showed a boat leaving a trail of algae in its wake.

Families say they're making the best of the bummer of a weekend. Some are considering diving in the water anyway; others are staying cool on the docks and coming up with creative ways to stay entertained.

"So far we've just been hanging out. We have card games and I think we're going to have a water balloon fight here in awhile," said lake visitor Hannah Madison.

"I haven't decided yet whether we're going to get in the water. May just depend on how hot we get," said another visitor, Frank Bogan.

The warning to stay out of the water is just that, a warning. People who ignore it won't get a ticket, but they likely will get a stern lecture from lake patrol officers informing them of the risk they're taking.