TULSA, Oklahoma - News On 6 is helping to make the holidays a bit warmer for Green Country families. We have teamed up with Airco Service to install a heating system in the homes of two deserving families.

One of the winning families is the Howes from Tulsa.

The Howe family fell on some bad times, but never asked for help to keep their home warm because, if you ask them, it's already a warm home.

The Howes says warmth comes from love. They have to think that way because in the winter, it's downright cold in their home.

A few years ago, the HVAC system broke down. The thermostats stuck, and the family relies on just a few space heaters to stay warm, even during last winter's blizzard.

"It was cold. We all slept here in the living room. We just put blankets up on the doors and had our space heaters," said Jacob Howe.

They don't have the thousands of dollars it takes to buy a new one, and Kim Howe says it's embarrassing.

"I'm supposed to be the support and everything for our family," he said.

An injury forced him to leave work for several months.

The Howes almost lost their home to a foreclosure, but they pulled themselves up by the bootstraps to build a happy home for their son.

Kim works nights, Lisa works during the day. It's that devotion to family that inspired a church friend to nominate them for our Heating Hearts program, and Airco Services to choose them as the winners.

"The first time I was in the home, she actually said, ‘if anybody else deserves it more go ahead and give it to them,'" said Austin Boyce of Airco Services.

Lisa's too selfless to realize she and her family deserves this Christmas gift.

"It's very special. It's a wonderful gift. It was a wonderful gift," Lisa said.

"It's like starting a new life, really. Starting over," Kim said.

A new beginning for a home that will now be warm inside and out. The Howe's new HVAC unit will be put in soon.

Tuesday, we'll introduce you to the other family that won -- as their new system is installed.