OWASSO, Oklahoma - Hundreds of elementary kids took part in an unusual event at an Owasso church Wednesday night.

It's called "It's Nerf Or Nothing" and it's become a very popular draw at First Christian Church of Owasso.

Josh Adsit, Elementary Minister for the church, says this is the second consecutive year the church has sponsored the event and it gets bigger each year.

He says it's a way to get kindergarten through 5th grade kids excited about coming to church, and to get their friends excited, too.

"We're always trying to find ways to make church fun," said Adsit.

Adsit says he's loved Nerf toys since he was in elementary school.  "When I was a kid all the kids in the neighborhood would come over and we'd have Nerf battles in our living room."  

He says his team set out to find a way to share the love of Jesus with kids in a fun and exciting way, so they asked themselves a couple questions.  "What's something we can do that no one else ever does.  What can the kids do together?"  That's when "It's Nerf Or Nothing" was born.

The kids are divided into teams with the object being to knock over the other team's five bottles.  That way the kids aren't shooting at each other.

Adsit says 242 kids took part in the "Nerf war" this year and he says the girls seemed to do better than the boys.

He says word is getting out, because now children who aren't even members of the church are asking to take part.

It's difficult to tell who had the most fun, the kids or Adsit.  "It was a blast," he said.