TULSA, Oklahoma - Several fraternity brothers took matters into their own hands late Sunday night after an SUV belonging to one of their own was stolen.

Tulsa Police say it happened just before midnight in the 300 block of East Latimer.

Alfred Baldwin and his young family had traveled from their home in Enid to visit his fraternity brothers.

He decided to warm up the SUV before hitting the road back to Enid.  When he came back outside his SUV was gone.

He told News On 6 he and his fraternity brothers split up into two different cars and began looking for his SUV.  They found it just a few minutes later.

"We followed them while I was on the phone with the 911 dispatch officer, and I was giving her a blow by blow of where we were turning at and then thankfully the rest of Tulsa Police showed up and surrounded the guys and what I'm told they caught them both. I'm thankful that I got my car back. It's in one piece and it's in working condition, no damage whatsoever to it," said Baldwin.

When the two juveniles saw Tulsa Police, the pair got out of the SUV and ran into some woods in the 1000 block of North Cincinnati. 

The police helicopter and K9 units helped officers find and arrest the two juveniles.

Tulsa Police say they found a silver handgun and marijuana which had been discarded by one of the juveniles.

Police say the two juveniles were taken to the Tulsa County jail and booked on complaints of Larceny of Automobile, Possession of Firearm in Commission of a Felony, and Possession of Marijuana and Resisting Arrest.