TULSA, Ok - A 53-year-old Tulsa man was killed by carbon monoxide and his wife was rushed to the hospital early Wednesday morning.

Now the family is going through heartache, and calling for people to get detectors.

Until now, Sarah Everett never thought much about Carbon Monoxide.

"I've never known anybody to get sick and actually die from carbon monoxide poisoning," Everett said.

But now, the colorless, odorless gas has taken her dad, and broken her heart.

"It's still not real," she said.

Sarah's dad Larry Everett died from carbon monoxide poisoning. Her mom Tammy is in the hospital.

Sarah says her dad loved his four kids, and five grandchildren, including the nephew she's holding. The couple had been married for 35 years.

"God and family, those were his main two things," she said.

Carbon monoxide levels, five times what is considered safe, were detected near the stove in the couple's apartment.

"No one knew. It was something that just happened. You couldn't even tell it was happening," Everett said.

It happens more than many people think. In the most recent state health department statistics available, 19 people died from carbon monoxide poisoning between 2007 and 2009 in Oklahoma. 154 were hospitalized.

Just since November 1st, EMSA has responded to 16 carbon monoxide calls in Tulsa.

Tammy Everett's condition is improving and she's expected to get out of ICU soon. Sarah urges everyone to get a carbon monoxide detector so they don't end up in the hospital, or worse.

"That could have saved my parents life, simple as that," Sarah Everett said.

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning often mimic those of the flu or allergies. Most victims die in their sleep. That's why experts say carbon monoxide detectors are so important.