GLENCOE, Oklahoma -- Oklahoma entrepreneurs have created all kinds of successful businesses, and two young girls from Glencoe are proving you're never too young to run a business, or to make a difference.

Susan and Karen Weckler are creative at the controls of a sewing machine. At 13 and 11, that's impressive enough. But these sisters have sewn their way to success as young entrepreneurs.

They started sewing for 4-H sewing competitions, but there just weren't many kids doing it.

"It wasn't very much fun to be competing with your sister," said 11-year-old Karen Weckler. "I know Susan is a good seamstress, but could I please have another competitor."

So they teamed up to package pre-cut materials with easy instructions, to encourage others their age. And a business was born.

"It's been exciting just to watch the journey," said Stephanie Weckler, mom

That journey turned into a business called "Sewing Kits 4 Kids." Their kits now include designs for hand sewn and machine projects.

Thanks to the website, they've now shipped them to 40 states.

"You never know what's going to be the next big idea," said 13-year-old Susan Weckler.

The girls only keep 40 percent of profits. Another 40 percent is reinvested in the business. With the rest, they tithe and also cover costs of sending free kits to children in third world nations.

"They are teaching sewing skills to people in local villages," Karen said. "It's something they can earn money to provide for their family."

They're having fun, and learning a lot about business.

"My background is in accounting. Things that I didn't understand until I was in college, and they're already grasping," mom said.

The girls are now frequent speakers for business groups, and have sound advice for other young entrepreneurs.

The sisters have found a pattern for success, and are proving homegrown business start ups, aren't just for grownups.

The girls also use their kits in another special way. They often take them to assisted living centers, to do projects with older residents there.