CLAREMORE, Oklahoma - Fans are flocking to the Rogers County Courthouse to get a glimpse of a country music power couple. Some folks waited all day for a chance to meet Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood.

They're tracking the trial not for the verdict but the autographs. Fans, young and old, wait for hours.

And Mr. Brooks doesn't disappoint.

It's no music hall, but that didn't keep scores of fans from lining the narrow hallways of the Rogers County Courthouse on two floors.

"I've been anxious to meet Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood," said fan Misty Crofford. "I've had to work all week, this is the first time I've had a day off to come down here and try to meet them."

Misty Crofford got a chance with dozens of others to see Trisha Yearwood in person.

"I was shaking afterwards. I called my husband and my mom and I was like, ‘I got to meet Trisha Yearwood!'"

But she was holding out for the man in the black cowboy hat, as were some pint-sized music fans.

Why are they there?

"To get Trisha and Garth's autograph," Mariah said.

And even after a day on the witness stand, Garth and Trisha made time for their fans. They scrawled autographs, took pictures, and even got a few pictures from a little girl.

"Because I am one of their fans," said 5-year-old Regan.

One aspiring musician had already met his idol, earlier this week. Colton was back to see the superstars.

"He's the best country singer ever!" he said of Garth Brooks. "I just had to have him sign my guitar."

And when he got his chance, the superstar did a double take, asking Colton if they'd met before.

"And I said yes. He was like, ‘Hi Colton I remember you,'" the boy said.

In the courtoom, the jury's still out, but out here in the court of public opinion - Garth Brooks seems to be

I think Garth is in the right. The hospital did him wrong completely. It shouldn't have gone this far. They should have apologized - done right by him," Misty Crofford said.

There were a few sheriffs deputies on hand watching out for Garth, Trisha, and the rest of the courthouse staff. Everything was very orderly.

People waited their turn, and they were able to walk away with their souvenirs.