CLAREMORE, Oklahoma - A Rogers County judge has denied a motion by Integris to dismiss Garth Brooks' lawsuit against their Yukon hospital. 

Integris asked for the dismissal after Brooks finished testifying Monday. Garth Brooks saying he was glad to tell the jury his side of the story.

Monday was day 5 of the trial in Brooks' lawsuit against a Yukon hospital.  Brooks is suing the Integris hospital to get his $500,000 donation back after he said Integris didn't follow through on its promise.

After leaving the stand Monday, Brooks said he is trying to not let this experience make him cynical, adding he doesn't want the people in Yukon to confuse his feelings for Integris and for them.

"I don't'want to be a guy that's jaded. I want to continue to trust that when you shakesomeone's hand that they're giving back what you're giving them," GarthBrooks said outside the courtroom Monday.

Integris said Monday it is and will always will be committed to quality healthcare and believe Yukon residents understand that.  

"I canassure you that while we've been here lives have been saved, our nurses are atthe bedside of patients and we're comforting the patients and their families,"said Integris Spokesperson Hardy Watkins.

Tuesday, the jury will receive instructions then listen to closing arguments. At that point, the alternate juror will be allowed to go home and the other 12 will begin deliberations.

In opening statements, Brooks' attorneys not only asked the jury to give him his $500,000 back, but award him punitive damages as well.