CLAREMORE, Oklahoma - The trial is over and Garth Brooks not only got his $500,000 donation back from Yukon's Integris hospital, he was awarded another $500,000 in punitive damages.

Tuesday, Garth Brooks said it was going to be an emotional day for him. After his attorney, John Hickey, gave a passionate closing argument and the jury sided with Garth, I asked him what he thought his mom and dad would think about all this.

"My mom would've seen all the people wearing purple and smiled. My dad would've found John Hickey after that last speech and stuck his bone old Marine finger in his face and said, ‘good job bud,'" Garth Brooks said.

Each time he talks about his late parents, Garth gets tears in his eyes. He got choked up several times on the stand while talking about his late mother, Colleen.

That affected the jurors.

"It was very nice to be able to see the emotion from Garth and know he loved his mother very much, just like we do. I'm glad it turned out for him this way," said Beverly Lacy, a juror who decided the case.

Outside each night, hundreds of people waited for Brooks. No matter how tired he was, he never slipped out the back or rolled his eyes, he greeted them like old friends.

It didn't matter how many things people brought for him to sign, he talked to them all, asked about their families and made small talk.

Then, his phone rang and you got a glimpse of not just the man he is, but the husband, too.

"That'd be my wife. Yes, it is my wife.  (People screaming)  I love you so much, I miss you," Garth Brooks said.

Those who spent time with him say Garth made them a better person just by being around him.

"I've learned a lot from him, just being around him. The way he treats people with respect, how polite he is, asking your name, talking to everybody, literally, everybody. I have a great deal of respect for him and how he handles himself," said Brooks' attorney John Hickey.

Garth said his mother had a gift for making every person she talked to feel special. It is clear from watching him all week that is one of the gifts she most certainly passed on to her son.