PAWNEE COUNTY, Oklahoma -- Despite rain earlier this week, rural water districts are worried that the drought is drying up the supply of water.

One lake that's been especially hit hard is Lone Chimney Lake in Pawnee County. The thousands of people it serves may be without water by spring.

Lone Chimney Lake provides water for 16,000 customers in four counties. But the lake is facing a murky future, the water levels are low and the people who count on it for their water supply are getting worried.

"Well, everybody's scrambling looking for water. We're looking for another source of water to tide us over until we get some rain," said Jon Harrod.

Jon Harrod is with the Pawnee County Rural Water District 2. The board has been meeting lately to find a solution to get its customers water come springtime.

When asked if it has ever been this bad before, Harrod replied, "No, not in my 32 years here."

No one with the Lone Chimney Water Association would talk with us on camera but they say the drought has done a number on the lake.

They've sent all of their customers a warning that the water is running out and they may need to look somewhere else for water after May 1, 2012.

The water association says, short of a flash flood, they don't see Lone Chimney Lake reaching normal level anytime soon.

Harrod says his water district, which serves the Terlton area, is looking at buying water from somewhere else.

They're also considering putting old wells back online, but they're concerned with iron buildup or other chemicals getting into the water supply.

The residents say they'll make do and are confident a solution will be found.

"You're always concerned especially when you have little ones. You can't predict what's going to happen with the lake and all we can do is just hook up to the well and hope that it don't go dry too," said Terlton resident Amanda Young.

The water association has a meeting next month to talk about this issue. In the meantime, they're asking all of their customers to conserve as much water as possible.