BRISTOW, Oklahoma - Former OSU All-American wrestler Matt Brown, and his friend Matt Ball, recently opened a coffee house in downtown Bristow, but it is not just a coffee house.

At the Firehouse at 216 North Main Street, everything is free and everyone is welcome.

When Matt Brown went to Oklahoma State University said he lived for himself and sometimes wishes he could do it over again.

Now, he and his friend Matt are having a chance to touch the lives of kids and adults alike at the Firehouse.

"You can come in, enjoy a cup of coffee, hot chocolate, whatever it might be," said Matt Brown.

Matt Brown and his friend Matt Ball opened the Firehouse in downtown Bristow a few weeks ago.

But there aren't any trucks or hoses inside.

Couches, TVs, computers and even games like Jenga are inside this firehouse. They call it a coffee house ministry.

"We're open usually between 7 and 5 everyday, and it's a place that you can come and just relax and just kind of a place of peace," said Matt Brown.

"You know, if somebody needs prayer, we'll pray with them. If they just need somebody to listen to them, we can do that. We'll help them with their homework. Kind of like a home away from home," said Matt Ball.

"It's nice to just have a place where I can relax, I can come up to do my homework, or I can just hang out and talk to the guys," said Jeffrey Britt.

A couple months ago, they both chose to quit their full-time jobs to run the Firehouse.

Everything in the coffee house has been donated, from the food in the fridge, to the stove, computers and so much more.

The kindness of others is also how Matt and Matt help support their own families. A lot of people who would think that's crazy. But they say it's a leap of faith.

"You know, every day we walk in here there's another miracle that truly happens," said Matt Brown.

And as for the name, the Firehouse, they say it came to them on road trip, after praying and seeing grassfires on the side of the road.

"I said, the Firehouse and he said, that's it. I know it," said Matt Ball.

"It shouldn't function at all in a town this small; it should function in a town the size of Tulsa. But yet it's thriving," said Matt Brown.

If you'd like to help, you can find the Firehouse on Facebook, or email them at