MIAMI, Oklahoma - Tracker Marine announced Thursday it will be moving its Tahoe boat line from Miami, Oklahoma to its plant in Clinton, Missouri.

The company says the move will require a workforce reduction of about 112 employees.

Tracker Marine says decreased customer demand in the boat industry is the reason. The layoffs will take place in approximately 60 days.  

The company says it will use the factory to produce its new MAKO line and its new skiff model, a small saltwater personal watercraft.

"Although boat sales are down significantly, because the Miami plant is a quality facility, it only makes sense for us to continue utilizing this location for the MAKO and skiff production," said Tracker Sr. Vice President of Operations Terry Shook.

Tracker Marine says it is considering the installation of innovative, high-tech robotic equipment at the Miami plant.

"Although these changes are a cause for concern, City of Miami officials are optimistic that the local plant will remain open to build the new MAKO boat line," said Miami Mayor Kent Ketcher.

"Our goal is that as the economy turns around and the boat business picks up we would increase our staffing levels in the Miami area," said Terry Shook.