BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - Several hundred people hope the power of prayer will cool the controversy surrounding a Broken Arrow casino.

The Kialegee Tribal Town continues construction on the Red Clay Casino as upset homeowners continue their efforts to stop it.

But Sunday afternoon those residents paused to pray for a resolution.

The shofar horn plays a significant role in the Bible, so residents thought it was a fitting way to begin 20 minutes of silent prayer.

Local churches organized the gathering, asking parishioners and homeowners to line the intersection where the casino is being built.

The Kialegees believe building a casino will bring them prosperity in a rough economy.

The homeowners fear all a casino will bring to the area is crime.

The leader of the Kialegees says he regrets the controversy the casino created and would like to reach out to the Broken Arrow residents and start anew.

This crowd says they'd also like a blank slate which is why they're praying for God to come up with a solution that would benefit both the Kialegees and Broken Arrow.

Chris Buskirk with the Abiding Harvest Church says, "I know if there was a Kialegee Indian museum, or a Kialegee hospital, or a Kialegee gas station on this corner that they'd have my business and probably the eager business of the whole Broken Arrow community. I'm not saying those are good ideas, but couldn't we come up with some idea?"