PRYOR, Oklahoma - Surveillance video shows a train striking an 18-wheeler in Pryor Monday morning at the intersections of Highways 69 and 20. The fully loaded Union Pacific train dragged the semi two or three blocks before coming to a stop, according to Jamie Dotson, information technology manager at Fred Taylor Furniture in Pryor.

"There was a truck being escorted, and our guess is that it high centered on the tracks," Dotson said. "The driver's okay; he got out."

The trailer was a drop down model that hung up on the track, and operators were unable to clear the tracks before the train arrived.

The semi lost its load of what appeared to be a large air exchanger, the type commonly used in the oil industry. 

There were no injuries.

The truck was cleared from the track leaving the train to move on just before 1:30 p.m.  At that time, a Union Pacific crew was making repairs to the track, and a wrecker was working to remove the truck.