GLENPOOL, Oklahoma - Grant Sloan, News On 6

Rainy, cold weather may have kept you inside bundled up Saturday, but for riders at the South 75 Motocross Park that's just the conditions they needed for a little practice session.

Thirty minutes down Highway 75, past Glenpool, sits a new playground that's fit for a family. It's not for the timid, or the weak at heart. Instead, it takes a true daredevil to man this three-quarter mile track.

"It's a lot more action packed than your typical car race, and these guys are flying through the air without a roll cage and really hanging it out," says Lynn Sandlin, the track's owner.

"I can ride for two or three hours, and get more of the workout than what I could ever get at a gym, and come off smiling," says Addison Emory III, a motocross rider.

The South 75 Motocross Park is the first track of its kind in Green Country dedicated to motocross, but for the Emory family it's something much more.

"I have a bad day at school, and I just throw my leg over the bike and I just go and take out my anger," says Addison Emory IV.

The 16-year-old has being riding with his father since he was four years old and every time he hits the track, you can bet his dad is right behind him.

"I think it's an awesome bonding experience," his dad Addison Emory III says. "I've spent every weekend with my boy since he was four."

"I feel like I'm floating around the track playing," the boy says. "It's priceless, priceless, especially riding together with him."

Construction on the track has taken off. In only seven months Lynn Sandlin and his crew cleared off this entire area for racing. He plans to add to the facility with a new convenience store on the property, along with a gym, sports bar and a 100-lot RV park next door.

"I'd like to see a thousand-bike weekend here, drawing families from all over the U.S. to spend money in our economy and help us out," Sandlin says.

"It's the most addictive sport in the world. The more you're around it, the more you want to be around it."

Construction on the park is set to wrap up sometime this summer. Until then, the Emory family will continue to do what they do best.