Brandi Ball,
Craig Day, News On 6

BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma -- Five masked, armed men – including one of Tulsa's Most Wanted – forced their way into a Broken Arrow residence early Monday morning and were arrested after a wild police chase.

Sara and Jacob Crabtree were at home with an aunt when just before 2 a.m., several armed men with bandanas over their faces burst through the back door.

No one was hurt, but the teens say it was a chaotic and terrifying night.

"I was terrified," said Sara Crabtree. "It was very, very, very scary."

Her brother, 13-year-old Jacob Crabtree, described the home invasion.

"Came through the back door all fast and was like 'Who is all here? Who is all here?'" he said. "I was sad, angry, afraid."

The men forced the teens and their aunt into the back bedroom and ordered them to lie face down.

"It was chaos. Just yelling back and forth," Sara said. "He put the pistol to my head and he told me to give him the phone. And he was yelling at me."

"They kept on saying, 'Where's the money? Where's the money?'" Jacob said.

The men ransacked the home, taking mostly firearms and electronics. They ripped the phones from the wall before running to a getaway car at a nearby park.

Craig Day, News On 6: "What was your biggest fear?"
Jacob Crabtree, 13: "Getting shot. Getting murdered in my own home."
Sara Crabtree, 15: "'Get all the stuff out of the closet or I'll shoot the boy.' That's what scared me the most."

People who live in that block of West Pittsburgh Place are shocked after hearing about what happened.

"It's a little unbelievable. I mean, I didn't hear anything at all. It's a little shocking for the area. I haven't had any problems here. No neighborhood problems at all," said neighbor Jeremy Harris.

When the men left, Sara ran to a neighbor's house to call for help. An off-duty Broken Arrow policeman saw a vehicle that matched the description of the suspects' getaway car.

Three suspects were immediately arrested. Two more were found later after a foot chase.

Sara says the quick arrests were a good ending to a terrible situation.

"Very thankful," she said. "As soon as I found out police got them I was very happy about that."

Cameron Linn Hart, 19, faces charges of armed robbery, burglary in the first degree, threatening a violent act, knowingly concealing stolen property (KCSP), assault on a police officer and obstructing justice.

Kendrick Damond Frierson, 19, faces charges of armed robbery, burglary in the first degree, possession of a firearm while under Department of Corrections supervision, resisting arrest, possession of stolen property and threatening a violent act.

Frierson was listed on Tulsa's Most Wanted for warrants out of Tulsa County for shooting with intent to kill.

Christopher Phillip Hart, 19; Judson Boyette Gonzalez, 18; Bradley Jordan Thomas, 19, face charges of armed robbery, burglary in the first degree, threatening a violent act and possession of stolen property.

Hart also faces a charge of possession of marijuana.