GLENPOOL, Oklahoma - Violent scenes like the fight at Oklahoma's Midwest City High have schools stepping up efforts to try and prevent bullying before it escalates.

The brawl begins in the high school hallway. It's unclear what sparked the fight, but the boys start throwing punches. This causes them to fall down the stairs but they continue to swing.

One boy gets up and stomps on the other's head. The boy on the ground lies motionless, while the other student walks away.

Midwest City police say the fight happened before Christmas. The school district took disciplinary action against the students.

The parents of the boys didn't press charges and neither were seriously hurt. But bullying does hurt.

"I've seen bullying around the school. I've also been bullied by older people in middle school. I'm just tired of seeing all this going on and I just want to stop it," said Glenpool Middle School student Brent Zickefoose.

Schools are trying new tactics to protect their students.

"Sometimes kids just can't get away from it. It can escalate and for some kids, they just can't handle it very well," said Phil Lowe, a Counseling Services Coordinator.

Students at Glenpool Middle School are a part of "Stand for the Silent." The program started here in Oklahoma, after a bullying victim took his own life in 2010.

Stand for the Silent addresses issues with bullying and youth suicide. Students sign a pledge not to bully.

"You want to talk to more of your friends or someone who has been through it to have them help you," said student Cynthia Farley.

The Stand for the Silent program also encourages students to bullying if they see it happen. The students hand out bracelets which say "I am somebody" as a reminder that they matter.