SKIATOOK, Oklahoma - Nearly 9 hours after a tornado swept through Woodward, a small tornado dropped in Skiatook leaving behind a path of damage.

It was the same system that killed five people, including three children, in Woodward.

There's not much left of the Skiatook Municipal Airport hanger.

Metal was torn from its frame, mangled and thrown across the area.

The storm ripped through the roof, revealing the planes inside.

Meteorologists say the tornado tore through town around 6 a.m.

"Spun up really quick, the warning came out; the sirens did go off in Skiatook," News On 6 weather producer Tom Bennett said.

The same storm system devastated Woodward, just 6 hours earlier.

It was caught camera, in the dark hours of the morning.

"A strong and violent tornado that's doing damage and turns out it's gonna go down as a killer tornado," Bennett said.

The storm was headed straight for Tulsa, moving between 50 and 60 mph.

News on 6 weather producer, Tom Bennett says that's exceptionally fast, which added to the danger.

"If you have tornado on the ground, that means it's gonna be on top of you within a minute," Bennett said.

Woodward power flashes illuminate the tornado, giving us an idea of its size and power.

"Based on the video evidence we've seen, probably and EF3, maybe a lower-end EF4," Bennett said of the Woodward tornado.

The damage around the Tulsa metro is minimal, compared to that of the devastation out West.

But keep in mind, it could have just as easily happened here.

"There's no lead-pipe cinch ever in weather, and it may not have unfolded the way people perceived," Bennett said.

In the end, Mother Nature always has the final answer.

The National Weather Service will have to assess the damage before we know the size of the Skiatook storm.

But News On 6 meteorologists suspect it was between and EF-0 and EF-1.