TULSA, Oklahoma - A Glenpool woman entered a guilty plea to charges related to the beating death of a 21-month-old girl last year. Paula Najar was charged with one count of child neglect and one count of permitting child abuse.

Najar was living with David Bridgeman, the child's uncle.

Police say the toddler, Adrianna Hernandez, was staying with the couple last May when she died. Bridgeman and Najar were trying to potty train Adrianna and became frustrated when she didn't mind them.

Bridgeman told detectives he hit the child, threw her from bed to bed then picked her up and threw her to the floor. Najar found the girl unresponsive the next morning.

Police said Najar must have known Bridgeman was injuring Adrianna and chose not to protect her.

Bridgeman's trial is scheduled to begin Monday. Najar's sentencing is scheduled for June 11.