TULSA, Oklahoma - A Tulsa woman is outraged over a home burglary that could have turned deadly. Cheryl Duncan always thought her house was safe. She never expected a burglary, and certainly not what happened next as the thief repeatedly rammed her car during his getaway.

This past Friday the 13th is one Cheryl Duncan will never forget. It was unlucky all right.

When she came home that day, she immediately noticed the front door was open.

"He was parked right here," said burglary victim Cheryl Duncan, outside her mother's home.

A trip to the store with her mom, and when they get back, someone is stealing stuff from her mom's house near 1st and Harvard.

"I was thinking oh my God, there's a burglary in progress going on," Duncan said.

Stealing is bad enough. What came next is even worse. Duncan jumped out, her mom stayed in the car, to try to block his getaway.

"I was like ‘Mom! He's going to ram you," she said.

Her 1998 GMC took a beating.

"Slammed into her, backed up and then slammed into her again, and I'm just watching in amazement," she said. "I just couldn't believe it."

Each time it pushed her car down the driveway, closer and closer to Harvard which is busy, and would have been dangerous.

"If he would have pushed her on that road, she could have been slammed again and hurt really bad," said Cheryl Duncan, Tulsa burglary victim.

The thief left Duncan's mom with a totaled car, without some of her valuables like jewelry and a TV, and frustrated over being the victim of someone who would do such a thing.

Trying to block a burglar's getaway isn't advisable by police, but Duncan's mom was mad. Duncan says everyone should be aware, because you never know who could be targeting you, looking to steal, but capable of much worse.

"It ticks me off really bad because people work hard for their money," she said.

Assuming it wasn't stolen, and later ditched, the burglar's car was a white 90s model Crown Victoria. It will obviously have front end damage, probably some red paint on it, and likely still missing a headlight.