STILWELL, Oklahoma - A Stilwell family's home was destroyed by a twister during this weekend's storms. Now, they say a man is going to different churches, using their story to get money.

The community has really rallied around the Morton family in the past few days. They say they haven't had to ask for any help because everyone has been so generous.

The Mortons are what you might call ultimate optimists, a humble young couple driven by faith.

"Our family's still alive, nobody got hurt, so we didn't lose anything," Randall Morton said.

On Sunday, a tornado robbed Kristen and Randall of everything they owned. Now, four days later, the mess has been picked up and dumpsters stand in place of their home.

"Just trying to accept it all and figure out what we're going do next, just waiting," Kristen Morton said.

The shock of their loss is slowly beginning to fade. The startling news that a scammer was using their name to prey on churches is still fresh on their minds.

"That was the last thing on my mind, someone going around trying to take advantage it," Randall said.

The Mortons say a man went to at least three churches, using Randall's name and story, to get money. And they say the alleged scammer didn't waste any time.

"Sunday morning we found out our house was destroyed and that evening we heard that some guy was going around asking churches for money," Kristen said.

But in a town as small as Stilwell, it didn't take long before the community caught on.

"She knew that it wasn't me and they asked him about it and he left pretty quick," Randall said.

The Mortons say only one church gave the man money. But Randall says he'd rather empty his own pockets than have someone ruin his good name.

"If they need help that bad, they obviously know where I live, they should just come to me and if I can help them, I'll help him out," Randall said.

The family wants churches in the area and those in the community to know they are not asking for help, though they say they are grateful to everyone who has reached out to them.

Right now, they're working on plans to build a new home on the same piece of land.