Although temperatures this afternoon will not be but a few degrees below where we were on Saturday, those gusty northerly winds will make it feel somewhat cooler. Today's brisk northerly winds are due to a surge of cool, dry air moving back over the state which should hold our daytime highs to the upper 60s. That is just a few degrees below normal, but temperatures tonight will be much cooler than normal. Clear skies and a light northerly wind by early morning will allow temperatures in the metro area to drop to near 40 and the outlying areas will be in the 30s to start the day Monday. The normal temperature range at this time of year is 73/51 for the high/low respectively.

Despite the cool temperatures of the last few days, the month as a whole is still averaging more than 4 degrees warmer than normal which continues the trend we have had all this year. Daytime highs on Monday will be close to normal, but a return to above normal temperatures is then expected for the rest of the week.

Light northerly winds and sunny skies along with the relatively cool temperatures will make for a beautiful day on Monday, then brisk southerly winds will be returning on Tuesday and continue through Wednesday. Look for daytime highs to be at or above 80 both Tue and Wed along with a SSW wind of 15-25 mph or more. We will also have lots of sunshine over the next few days with just a few cirrus clouds.

That will change on Thursday when partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies are expected and that should be the case going into the coming weekend. In addition, a weak frontal boundary still looks like it will make into NE OK Thursday and stall out near I-40. That boundary will be meandering around the state right on through the weekend the way things look now which will also provide a chance of showers or storms on just about any given day starting on Thursday.

So, our week will be getting off to a very pleasant, mild start then becoming more unsettled late in the week and going into the coming weekend. Temperatures will be warming up then leveling off for the latter part of the week and into the weekend as well.

In the meantime, stay tuned and check back for updates.

Dick Faurot