TULSA, Oklahoma - Oklahomans are no strangers to severe weather and because we care about your safety, News on 6 is giving away 21 safe rooms.

Everyone needs a safe place to be when severe weather strikes. For homeowners, a certified above-ground safe-room may be the best solution.

"First you need a good 4-inch slab, and the slab needs to be reinforced, and once we locate that we check for cracks, check for any flaws in the concrete, and that your concrete is level," Bennett Steel installer George Barnes said.

The Crain family just had a safe room put in the garage of their Broken Arrow home.

"I recommend in the garage off in a corner somewhere, if you've got room for it," Steel said. "But they can be installed basically anywhere in your garage."

The installation itself requires about an hour.

"They can expect a lot of noise, we do use a hammer drill," Steel said. "It takes us 30 minutes and it's noisy, and after that it's quiet. And once we get the anchors all drove in, then we use an impact to tighten it up."

And just like that, it's ready to go.

"We have some friends that lived in Moore and they were within a mile of that F-5 that came through Moore, and then the Joplin one, and we thought, 'why keep testing your luck?'" homeowner Don Crain said.

The Crains chose the 4 ft by 4 ft Jim Giles Safe Room, which is certified to withstand winds of 250 miles per hour - strong enough to hold up to the Moore and Joplin tornadoes.

Each weeknight through May 23rd, News On 6 will be giving away a Jim Giles Safe Room.

We'll begin giving away the safe rooms this Thursday. Watch each weeknight at 10 to get a key word and the cue to call.

Click here for complete rules, and a chance to register for a bonus safe room we're giving away online.