TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa's trash board released its proposed rate increases for new trash service on Tuesday. The city council will look at the rates Thursday and eventually vote on them.

The current trash contract ends in July and the new service with the new hauler starts in October.  Figuring out who will cover trash collection between contracts got testy Tuesday.

"We were misled or misunderstood," TARE Board member Randall Sullivan said. "I thought this problem was solved."

Tulsa's trash board found out at this meeting the current trash hauler wants more than $200,000. Tulsa Refuse, Inc. says its trucks can't make it through the summer without crucial repairs.

"It really irritates the hell out of me that we come back now and you tell me that, in addition to the fact that you need more money, you got to have an answer today so you can take it to your stockholders," TARE Board member William Bowles said.

TRI had a handshake deal with the city that would allow the company to haul month to month at the same rate if the new hauler couldn't start by July.

The TRI president says she spoke with the board chair recently about the extra expenses, but no one knew it would be to the tune of nearly a quarter million dollars.

"I feel like I have a duty to the stockholders to at least ask to help them with these expenses," TRI President Mary Hawthorne said.

The board voted against giving TRI the additional money. If TRI decides not to haul trash for Tulsa through October, TARE would turn to the new hauler.

"They have contractors within New Solutions who were previously in TRI, so they are familiar with the city and they would be most apt to be responsive," said Eric Lee with Tulsa Solid Waste Services:

Here are the proposed rates for the new service starting in October:

  • The 32 gallon cart will cost $12.52 for once-a-week service and $5 more for twice-a-week.
  • The 64 gallon cart will cost $14.02 or about $19 for two times a week.
  • Weekly pickup for the 96 gallon cart is $15.52 and $5 more for twice-a-week.
  • Recycling will be free.

TRI has a meeting tomorrow to vote on whether to continue service with the city of Tulsa from July to October.