BROKEN ARROW, Oklahoma - The 18th annual Rooster Days Egg Hunt kicks off Monday in Broken Arrow.

It is a 10-day contest where "hunters" use daily clues to search for the location of a special hidden egg. Prizes are valued at $3,000.

The first clue comes at 11 a.m. on Monday in the window of clue outlets all over Broken Arrow. At 3 p.m., the clue will be posted on the Rooster Days Facebook Page.

Clues will be given daily until the egg is found.

The egg hunt is the big leadup to the Rooster Days festival -- which is the oldest in Oklahoma.

"The Rooster Egg Hunt always gets everyone excited about Rooster Days," said April Sailsbury, Senior Vice President for the Broken Arrow Chamber. "Since the clues could lead you to several different location in Broken Arrow, it's a great opportunity for people to investigate and enjoy different parts of the city and creates traffic for our area businesses."

To learn more about the festival happenings -- which include a farmers' market, a 5K run, a carnival and live music -- go to the Rooster Days website. The egg hunt begins Monday, but the festival kicks off May 11.