TULSA, Oklahoma - Severe weather can happen anywhere, at any time. So, how do you get severe weather alerts or forecasts when you're in the car or at your kid's soccer game?

We have some exciting new ways to help keep you safe and get weather when you want it - and in extreme weather events watch the Warn Team track storms live, no matter where you are.

Tornadoes along with other forms of severe weather often pay us an unkind visit this time of year. And when the skies turn threatening, many folks know to turn on their television to the News On 6 for the latest weather information to keep them safe.

But what can you do if you lose power? Or are caught on the road? Or need to seek shelter away from the TV?

Now you don't have to leave the WARN Team behind at the moment you need us the most.

We now have live streaming video so you don't have to just sit in front of the TV.

You can and take your mobile device and go with you, and be able to watch News On 6 weather coverage.

Angelia Frank, a middle school teacher in Nowata, knows exactly how valuable a tool this can be. When she lost her satellite TV signal because of heavy rain during a recent tornado warning, she and her family had somewhere to turn - live-streaming on her smart phone.

"I downloaded it and we went ahead and took shelter in the closet," Frank said. "I watched for about 5 minutes, until I could see that the storm had definitely passed."

Now, anytime there is continuous live coverage of breaking news or weather, you can watch real-time what is happening from your mobile device.

"I was watching exactly what was on TV, and it was better than using a radio because I could actually see the meteorologist, Travis Meyer, giving the report and seeing the live radar," Frank said. "So it gave me peace of mind.

Every smart-phone and device with internet access can use our live-streaming. Next time severe weather strikes and you are on the road or at work, now you know where to turn.