TULSA, Oklahoma - You've heard of Radar the Weather Dog, the News On 6 mascot discovered at the Tulsa Animal Shelter. Now meet Tiger the Weather Cat, another Tulsa resident who is fond of News On 6 WARN Team weather forecasts.

Tiger is a 4-year-old tom cat who likes watching TV, according to owner Eric Stuckey.

"He loves to watch movies, television and Xbox, but his favorite is the weather on Channel 6," Stuckey said.

Tiger stands in front of the family's flat screen TV throughout the whole weather segment, Stuckey says.

The cat's eyes follow the crawler text at the bottom of the screen.

"He will also meow at the future view forecast when it has lightning," Stuckey said. "It's not just the arrow on the screen either – it's the weather he loves to watch."

Wonder what Radar would think about Tiger the Weather Cat?