MONETT, Missouri - A group of five men are on a mission to crack the curse of their beloved Chicago Cubs.  They've spent the past 67 days walking from Mesa, Arizona to Chicago, Illinois.

They completed their walk across Oklahoma last week and Tuesday passed through Monett, Missouri.

The Cubs haven't won a title in over a century and hold the longest pennant-less streak in major league history.

As for the goat? Any Cubs fan knows about the infamous curse that could be to blame for the losing streak.

"There's a history of the curse, when William Sayness went to a game in 1945 and got kicked out. He wrote a letter to the organization saying that they won't win a World Series until they respect the goat," said Blake Ferrell, one of the walkers from Michigan.

So they're making the trek from Arizona to Chicago with a goat in hopes that it might break the curse.

The five men plan on arriving in Chicago on May 28, 2012.