GROVE, Oklahoma - A Green Country mom is making international waves with a unique line of clothing for those with special needs.

Susan Winfrey has sold her Hipper Bibs from New Zealand to Newfoundland.

Ian Winfrey is just as outgoing as other seven year olds. He loves his piano.

"He's always happy and just giggling all the time," Winfrey said.

Susan Winfrey's son was diagnosed with Angelman Syndrome at 10 months old. It's a neurological disorder that has a number of symptoms, including frequent drooling.

When Ian was two years old his mom wanted him to stop wearing a bib, but he needed something to catch the drool, so she came up with a life changing idea.

"They are unique because they are three layers," Winfrey said.

She started making her own bibs. She calls them Hipper Bibs. Each one is handmade and specially designed with a middle liner to prevent the shirt underneath from getting wet, and better yet, she says they don't look like bibs.

"They need something that looks really cool, that people aren't staring at and asking questions especially when they get out into school and into the public," Winfrey said.

Winfrey's bibs aren't just kids but for adults as well. Since she started five years ago, Winfrey has shipped them across the world.

"I've sent one to Africa, Russia, the U.K., Canada," she said.

Winfrey has been contacted by several national children's chains to sell her bibs in their stores, but she's declined each one. She told them her mission is to include special needs children everywhere, both children and adults.

"This is about helping those out there with special needs and having a product out there for them so I'm not going to sell it out," she said.

She doesn't have to look far for inspiration. Ian is always there, always laughing, and the spirit of a worldwide vocation to help those with special needs.

"Oh he just means everything to me," Susan Winfrey said. "He's changed our lives tremendously."