We've been debating back here today in the sports office, and on Twitter, about the real interest level in the Kentucky Derby. Obviously it's huge in Kentucky and it's clearly popular because 160,000+ people attended this year's race, but how does it rank compared to other sporting events?

On a scale of 1-10, my interest level is about a 3. AND I LIVED IN KENTUCKY FOR A WHILE! I'm just not that into it. I'll be into the Belmont and Preakness if there is a CHANCE there could be a triple crown winner. That hasn't happened since 1978. That was before I was born. THAT might bump my horse racing interest meter to about a 6 out of 10.

Fellow News on 6-er Charlie Hannema asked me if I'd rather go to the NBA Finals or the KY Derby. No doubt, I pick hoops. He argued that he went to the ALCS when his Twins had a chance to make the World Series. They won Game 1 when he was there but Minnesota lost the series 4-1. He said Game 1 didn't mean anything and, thusly, he'd rather be at the Derby.

It's just 2:00 of racing. He said it's an all day event of hanging out with your friends drinking and showing off your fancy hats. I say, psh. Give me the hoops, golf, football or baseball.

Another buddy of mine said the beginning of the race is the best moment in sports. I disagree. I love the green jacket ceremony at the Masters, the gold medal presentation with the national anthem blaring at the Olympics and Super Bowl drives with the game on the line better.

There are other sporting events I'd rather watch/attend than the Kentucky Derby or any horse race. Now, if ‘I'll Have Another' wins the next leg of the triple crown (the Preakness in two weeks), then maybe I'll change my tune.

What do you give the Derby on a scale of 1-10?