TULSA, Oklahoma - The eight Children of a Tulsa drug addicted mother charged with child neglect are finding loving homes. The children of Daquiri Miller were taken away either because they were born addicted to cocaine or abused.

News On 6 contacted the woman who adopted Miller's first three babies and wanted to know how they are doing now.

Becky Hinkle and her husband couldn't have children of their own. They opened their hearts and their home to three babies who desperately needed love and care. The children are now, 14, 12 and 11 years old.

Baby Daniele was born with drugs in her system and was put into foster care when she was only a few months old because someone broke her legs.

Becky and her husband Kevin wanted her because Danielle's biological mother, Daquiri Miller, was Kevin's niece. Finally at age two, their dream came true and they had Danielle as their own.

"15 days after we got Danielle, Daquiri had Noah," Becky Hinkle said.

Becky and her husband got Noah when he was only a month old; he had also been born addicted to drugs. Then 11 months after that, Daquiri had Rebecca and they adopted her too, another blessing for them.

"So many women are having babies and don't take care of them, those of us who can't, want them so bad," she said.

She says two of the kids struggle with ADHD and Noah used to have angry outbursts, but other than that, they are normal, healthy kids. They're involved in sports, cheerleading and school work, each with individual personalities.

"Danielle likes to read," Becky said. "She's not into sports or hanging out with friends. Noah is my outgoing one. He's my little troublemaker."

"Rebecca, she's my drama queen, outspoken and loves to be the center of attention."

She says they know who Daquiri is and have even met her and knew she'd had two more kids but, had no idea there had been three more after that.

"They're angry, angry she can't stop doing drugs long enough to have a healthy baby," Beck said.

There have been struggles. Becky's husband got sick and died five years ago, so she's been raising her kids alone, but works hard and has family support.

She has met a man who recently proposed; they are getting married this fall. She says despite the hard times, she wouldn't change a thing.

"Every child needs someone to take care of them," she said.

Becky says when News On 6 first ran the story, people commented that Daquiri's babies were a drain on taxpayers, and she just wanted them to know that's not the case. She says her children are wonderful and have a great future ahead of them.

Terry, Daquiri Miller's next court date for the child neglect charge is May 21st.