TULSA, Oklahoma - Gas and groceries, for most of us, are basic necessities. So when prices go up, we really feel the pinch.

But now Reasor's and Oklahoma QuikTrip's are partnering up to ease the pain at the pump.

Starting Wednesday, shoppers can sign up for a Rewards card that will make the prices at the pump drop.

Jackie Wilson has a cart full of grocery goodies. The hundred bucks Wilson spent on groceries will save her at the gas pump.

Starting May 9th, the local grocer is partnering with local QuikTrips and launching Reasor's Rewards.

"Consumers are really going to benefit from it, especially when they swipe their card at the pump and they see that pump price roll back," Jeff Reasor, Reasor's Chairman and CEO

Shoppers will sign up for a card and use the card at the checkout line. Then a quick swipe at the gas station will deduct your savings.

Five points are added for every $50 spent. Five points means five cents off per gallon of gas.

QuikTrip's price Tuesday for a gallon of gas was 3.26. Wilson spent $100 dollars on groceries, which with the Reasor's rewards means 10 cents off -- knocking the price down to 3.16.

"Definitely everybody needs to save money," Wilson said. "I think any way we can save money is a good idea."

The points stack up, and there's not a limit to how many you can earn -- as long as you use them within 60 days.

Some things won't count towards points: alcohol, tobacco products, or lottery tickets. But you can earn points on prescriptions. Five points for each prescription filled.