TULSA, Oklahoma - Starting Monday, Tulsa residents will have the option to choose what size their new trash carts will be, as the city moves to an October 1, 2012 start date for the new refuse system.

From May 14 to June 8, 2012, Tulsans can select a 32-gallon, 64-gallon or 96-gallon trash cart.

"After listening to the public's questions and preferences, we wanted to allow residents to choose their cart size," said Cheryl Cohenour, Tulsa Authority for the Recovery of Energy chairwoman. "We encourage citizens to watch their mail and pay attention to the public education campaign so they can consider their options carefully and make the right decision for their needs."

Residents can visit www.KnowYourTrash.com or call 918-596-9777 to speak with a live operator to select a service plan and cart size.

"Choice and flexibility are two key components of the new trash system," said Eric Lee, City of Tulsa solid waste manager. "Residents have three options for refuse cart sizes, and they can change their mind in the first six months without a fee if they realize they have selected the wrong size for their needs."

Tulsa will conduct an educational campaign throughout May and early June to help residents choose the refuse cart that best fits their needs and understand additional service options.