CLAREMORE, Oklahoma - An injured veteran is half a continent away, trying to heal, but he was stressed and worried about his home here in Green Country.

Scott Maxwell was going to lose his insurance unless he could get his roof replaced and fast – but then two Oklahomans came together to help.

You've got to love people with big hearts who can make things happen.

The soldier's mother, Jamie Rowe, called the American Legion, looking for help. They contacted Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton, who made a few more calls. Now, Scott Maxwell's home has a new roof, and he can rest easy.

Scott Maxwell wanted to join the Army when he was 17, but his mother wouldn't sign the paperwork. At age 19, he became a member of the 82nd Airborne and has served two tours in Iraq.

He loves serving his country.

Jamie Rowe said the first thing her son did when he got his house was put up the American flag.

Scott bought his home, then served his missions. He had finished his tours and was headed home to Claremore when he had an accident that lacerated his liver. He's had three major surgeries and dozens of hospital stays.

On top of that, he learned he'd lose his insurance if he didn't get a new roof.

"It's been a stress, trying to recover, going through all this process, worried about the house," said Jamie Rowe, Scott's mother.

Jamie was overwhelmed by how many people jumped into to help. When they learned of Scott's story, they felt this was a way to honor his service and sacrifice.

"A young soldier trying to get back on his feet, things like this happen, we just felt touched and thought we should step up and help out," said Mike Goodman of Goodman and Associates.

Scott grew up in Claremore. He is anxious to heal, come back and go to college. Now he's relieved to know he'll have a home waiting for him after so many months in a war zone.

"We owe our veterans so much," said Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton.

"In a tough situation over there," he said. "It's bad enough to endure that, let alone be worried about hardships at home."

Scott's mom sent him pictures of the roofing work and says he was overwhelmed with gratitude for the many people who helped him in his time of need.

"How do you say thank you for something like this?" his mother asked. "You can say it, but it's not enough, you know what I mean, it's just not."

Special thanks also goes to Pixley Lumber and Tamco Roofing Supplies.

He doesn't know when he'll be well enough to come home, but, he's hoping for the end of summer.

Scott gave his mother a complete list of people to thank. Listen to our web extra video to hear their names.