OKLAHOMA CITY - The Oklahoma County district attorney has charged a 41-year-old man with distribution of obscene materials after two women said he left lewd toys and magazines at their front doors.

Jamison Marchette is accused of lewd acts at a Northwest Oklahoma City apartment complex. 

"We just kept seeing remnants from where he was at, his footprints and the items that he'd leave on the door. The girls were actually they were scared," said Tanner Brown, the patrol officer.

Single women in the area were worried.

"I live by myself, so it's real creepy it feels like you're violated even though it didn't happen to me," said Kristi Batterson.

A week after obscene material was left on a doorknob, one woman found Marchette close enough to her patio door to "fog it up when he would breathe". As she opened the door he allegedly ran then jumped behind the bushes.

Another victim, a 22-year-old woman said she came home to her apartment on April 8 and found a plastic bag hanging from her doorknob. When she looked inside she found pornographic movies and magazines, as well as a sex toy.

The woman said a few minutes after she arrived home, a man she didn't know knocked on her door. He said his name was "Jamie" and he'd seen a "brown-skinned male" walking around the complex taking pictures.

The woman called police and gave them the bag. They examined the contents and found fingerprints belonging to Marchette. The victim later identified Marchette as the man who knocked on her door and called himself "Jamie."

"No one wants to feel uncomfortable in their home. It's almost a mild form of terrorism, these girls were scared they were really terrified by this guy standing outside their window," Brown said.

Prosecutors have now charged Marchette with two counts of distribution of obscene materials, and one count of loitering around a residence to watch an occupant.