Woodward, Oklahoma - Shocking allegations against a Woodward High School student. Federal authorities say the student was plotting to kill people, but a cab driver blew the whistle and dimmed him out.

Timmy Eike, 18, was supposed to be a senior this fall at Woodward High School. Eike also works at the local Walmart. Federal documents reveal a cab driver came forward last Sunday. He told Woodward County Sheriff's investigators he feared Eike was getting ready to go on a rampage.

The cab driver tells News 9 he drove Eike to work at Walmart several times in recent weeks, and Eike spoke of killing people, hiding bodies and getting out of the country. When investigators arrested Eike on Tuesday, they found a shotgun, a rifle and 250 rounds of ammunition in his bedroom.

Court records show Eike just bought those weapons illegally in the past month. The cab driver, who wishes to remain anonymous, says he just did what he had to do.

"I did what I figured anybody else would have done," he said.

Eike is in the Logan County Jail.