ROGERS COUNTY, Oklahoma - The Rogers County District Attorney's Office has ordered the body of a dog exhumed and sent to Stillwater to have a necropsy performed to determine the events leading to its death.

The dog, Jetta, was found by her owners on the morning of September 1. It was believed at that time that the dog had been shot and dragged to death.

The Rogers County Sheriff's Office conducted an investigation, believing the dog's death to be a case of animal cruelty.

Later, after a $10,000-award had been pledged by the Wild heart Animal Ranch and famed Oklahoma football coach Barry Switzer, a man came forward with a claim that changed the course of the investigation.

The man said he found the dog severely injured on his property and shot her, because he believed her to be suffering. He said he then tied wire around the dog's legs and dragged it off of his property, after the body started to stink.

The Rogers County Sheriff's Office forwarded its report to the Rogers County DA.

Now, the DA's office has said they want an examination of the remains to determine whether the animal was really injured before she was shot, in order to rule out a possible case of animal cruelty.