TULSA, Oklahoma - A jury is deliberating the fate of Amber Hilberling. Hilberling is accused of pushing her husband to his death out of their high-rise apartment window in 2011. 

The jury sent a note to the judge Monday afternoon asking if he could alter a sentence they recommend and if a sentenced includes time served.

Judge Kurt Glassco answered, "That's not your concern."

Jurors heard closing arguments Monday morning, March 18, 2013, and after getting final instructions from the judge, then began their deliberations.  

The jurors have three options; guilty of 2nd degree murder, guilty of 1st degree manslaughter or not guilty.

Amber Hilberling took the stand Friday and admitted shoving Josh Hilberling, but told jurors she never expected him to fall through the window. 

Her defense called a glass expert to the stand, who testified the glass in the windows was too thin and not safe for high rises.