TULSA, Oklahoma - It was another step on the journey to hearing Wednesday, for an Oklahoma girl born deaf.

Jayde was born in China. She was 8 months old when she was found in a public square. From there she went to an orphanage, and last December she was adopted by Dr. Jacque Scholl and her husband from Tulsa.

Dr. Scholl is owner of the Scholl Center for Communication Disorders but she had no idea that Jayde was deaf when they first met.

Last month, 5-year-old Jayde received a cochlear implant. Wednesday, she got an upgrade.

The new equipment is less noticeable, and there are fewer pieces to keep track of.

Her speech pathologist says the technology is already opening new doors for Jayde.

"She has shown us her desire, her internal desire is to talk. She's very verbal, she wants to communicate with other people, so we're very hopeful for a great outcome for speech for Jayde," said Nicole Streich.

Jayde's mother said the first sound she noticed after the getting the implant was running water.