COWETA, Oklahoma - After a strip club sting operation in Coweta, the secret's out.

An undercover prostitution bust in Wagoner County landed a husband and wife behind bars on Saturday night.

And it isn't the first time.

Several agencies raided "Secret Cavern" on Saturday and targeted a back room the owners used to run an alleged prostitution ring.

Steven Charles Boydston, 56, was arrested on complaints of pandering prostitution. His wife, Catherine Jo Boydston, 27, was one of the prostitutes, authorities said. The Oklahoma Able Commission said there will be even more charges.

"We'll be filing for serving alcohol to a minor, serving alcohol without a license," Oklahoma ABLE Commission's Pedro Zardeneta said.

In 2009, both Steve and Catherine Boydston were convicted of pandering, allowing lewd acts or performances in a bar where beer is served, and the sale of beer where persons are unclothed.

In 2011, Steve Boydston was charged with felony sexual battery against a minor and reportedly touched her inappropriately and made her perform lewd acts at the club. Charges were later dismissed.

Secret Cavern is off of Highway 51 has been open for years, and it has a history of run-ins with the law. But the alleged prostitution activity sparked an undercover operation that required help from the entire state.

"We brought agents in from other counties to help, just because they aren't recognizable here," Cherokee County Undersheriff Jason Chennault said. Chennault works with the District 27 drug task force and was in charge of the operation.

He said four months ago the task force asked for help from neighboring agencies.

"We had one of our female agents help infiltrate the establishment," Zardeneta said.

Chennault said men would come in the establishment under the guise of coming to a strip club.

"The dancers that worked here aren't dancers, they're prostitutes," he said.

Investigators also seized videos from inside and outside of the bar.

"I'm sure the people that live here are relieved," Chennault said. "Since we've been here, there have been several people drive by and tell us thanks, give us thumbs up, tell us good job."

Chennault said the next step is using the videos to possibly file charges against some of the club's customers.