A homeowner jumped into action to help police catch a serial burglar.

It all started when a man at 15th Street and Garnett Road saw, through security video, someone trying to steal his car on Wednesday evening.

That turned out to be the key in bringing a burglary suspect's joyride to an end. Joseph Shelton, 22, was booked in the Tulsa jail on several complaints.

After seeing the video feed, police said the homeowner got outside just in time to see Shelton driving away in a Suburban. The victim reported that inside the vehicle were a $2500 guitar, $30-$50 in cash and two Infinity car keys in the console.

The victim called police and then tried to follow him in another car, but lost him.

They kept driving and the suspect turned up again. They lost him, but updated police.

And finally, two and half hours after the first burglary, the suspect was tracked down at East Ave and Admiral Boulevard at a Burger King.

Before arresting him, police didn't just find the victim's stolen items.

"Also we have indications of loot from other burglaries that have occurred in the last couple of weeks that were also located on the suspect's person," TPD Sgt. Chris Moudy said.

According to an arresting officer, inside Shelton's wallet were multiple credit cards, driver's licenses and checks in other people's names. The names matched victim's names on previous police reports.

A digital scale with white residue was found next to a tray of stolen keys, the arrest and booking report says. The residue was field-tested, and Shelton tested presumptive positive for methamphetamine.