TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa County District Attorney Tim Harris has decided not to seek the death penalty against two men charged in the Best Buy shooting in July 2012.

Jeremy Foster and Willie Wise are each charged with first degree murder in the deaths of Scott Norman and Wes Brown on July 14th, 2012.

Police say Scott Norman was the intended target. They say Wesley Brown was shopping with his daughter when a bullet struck him in the chest and killed him.

Detectives say Wise actually pulled the trigger that day. They say Foster drove the getaway car and knew what Wise had planned when they went to the Best Buy that day.

Both men have pleaded not guilty. 

Shania Craven, Foster's cousin testified at their preliminary hearing in November that all three were at Promenade Mall earlier that Saturday morning when she heard Wise tell Foster, "They going to Best Buy."

She testified the trio then drove to the Best Buy on Skelly Drive where Craven said they parked by the side of the building and Wise got out of the car.

She told the court he came back a short time later and said that he "got him," that he shot Scott Norman several times and then fired his gun in the air.

Craven was booked into the Tulsa County jail on two complaints of accessory to first-degree murder and ordered held as a material witness.

Tulsa County DA Tim Harris offered this statement about the decision Thursday:

"After review of the facts, evidence and the law, which includes analysis of the supporting evidence for the required aggravating circumstances necessary to be able to request a jury be allowed to consider the punishment of death, the District Attorney's Office informed the court and defense today we were not requesting consideration of the Death Penalty at this time. Our prosecution of this double murder and ongoing investigation will continue. The remaining punishment options are life without parole or life. Should further evidence develop we could petition the court to revisit our decision, if appropriate under Oklahoma law."