JENKS, Oklahoma - The family of Kyzen Thompson, the little boy who is in the hospital after ingesting some sort of pain pill on Wednesday, wants to set the record straight.

Police arrested the Kyzen's grandmother, Ginger Boggs (or Rolan), and another woman, Amy Latimer, for child neglect. They are accused of waiting too long to get help for the 18-month-old.

When first responders answered the 911 call Wednesday morning, they found a 48-year-old man dead on the couch the 18-month-old very lethargic.

An immediate family member, who talked only to News On 6, said the family has been very hurt by some of the comments and misinformation going around.

First, the family member wants people to know Kyzen's parents have not left his side and have been at the hospital ever since he was admitted. The family member said they are very dedicated and protective parents.

The family member said doctors put Kyzen into a medical coma to let him rest, and he is not in critical condition now. He is showing signs of improvement, they said.

Kyzen's parents are young and hardworking, the family member said, and because daycare is expensive, they relied on a family member for childcare.

The family member said Ginger Rolan - she's booked into Tulsa County jail as Ginger Boggs, but she goes by Ginger Rolan - is Kyzen's maternal grandmother and has taken care of Kyzen since he was two months old, with no problems. They said the grandmother raised five kids of her own, who all turned out to be healthy and fine, so Kyzen's parents had every reason to think Kyzen was in a safe environment.

The family member said Kyzen's parents and immediate family members have mixed feelings about what has happened this week, and are getting new information daily. The family member said the parents are hurt and confused, but all of that is taking a backseat to taking care of Kyzen right now.

The family member said Kyzen's mother called Rolan and asked how Kyzen was doing Tuesday night, and was told he was fine other than being a little tired.

A neighbor told us he saw Kyzen at 8 p.m. Tuesday night and he appeared seriously ill, while sitting on Rolan's lap on the porch.

Records show 911 wasn't called until 12 hours later, at 8 a.m. on Wednesday.

About the man found dead on the couch, Allen Lykins, the family member said they want people to know the man was a long time family friend, and not Kyzen's grandfather.

The family member told us Kyzen was a healthy, active little boy before this happened, and they are hoping he will be again, although no one, not even the doctors, know the extent of his injuries at this time.

The family member said they know Kyzen ingested some sort of opiate, but they don't know exactly what it was.

According to police reports, "multiple prescription pill bottles' were in the room and pills were "strewn all over the floor." The report shows Rolan told police Kyzen may have swallowed a Lortab.