TULSA, Oklahoma - Tulsa police say a 23-year-old woman, arrested for robbing a pharmacy over the weekend, confessed to that and two other robberies from last year.

We spoke with her mother, who said there's a lot more to this woman's story.

Whitney Brown's mother said Whitney was once an honors student at Jenks High school. She was offered a college scholarship, but was then in a car accident, which left her with chronic pain in her back and shoulder.

She was prescribed pain killers, then, became addicted to them and now her whole life has changed.

In the years that followed, Whitney went from having no criminal history, to sitting in jail facing three felony robbery charges, plus she has a 2-week-old, baby who was born addicted to pain killers.

Police said surveillance video shows Whitney Brown on Saturday, being dropped off a by her father at the Food Pyramid at 51st and Memorial.

Her mother said they'd just come from visiting Whitney's newborn at the hospital, and Whitney was going to buy groceries for dinner. But the surveillance video shows she went to the pharmacy, instead.

Police say she passed a note demanding pain killers, got them and left. They say the employees did a good job of stalling her, while calling police.

"Patrol officers did a good job of getting there quickly, and got her into custody after a short foot chase," said Sgt. Brandon Watkins.

Her parents say they were shocked by Whitney's arrest. They say Whitney told them she didn't know why she did it; she just did it.

They were more shocked when they got to the police station and Whitney told them she'd done this before.

The detective remembered two cases he worked last May with the same description and M.O.

"We had a lot of tips, were running on a lot of different people we were checking out, but nothing ever panned out," Watkins said.

Police say she confessed to those, as well.

Surveillance video from May 21, 2012, shows Whitney walking into a Walgreens at 51st and Memorial in a white shirt. Police say she passed a note to the pharmacist, demanding drugs, and then changed clothes in the store. The video shows her leaving in a gray shirt.

Then, they say just four days later, she walked into a Drug Warehouse, just a mile away, and did the same. She then immediately went next-door to a Taco Bueno to change. The video shows her coming in, wearing dark clothes, but when she leaves, she's wearing white pants and a multi-colored top.

Whitney's mom said her addiction is bad, leading her to steal pills from family members, who really need them. She said Whitney kept taking pain killers while she was pregnant.

Whitney's parents are trying to get custody of the little girl, and they say they hope this arrest will finally lead to Whitney getting the help she needs.

For now, she's in a Tulsa County jail, with a bond of over $150,000.