TULSA, Oklahoma - A woman ran into a Tulsa McDonald's after two men robbed her at gunpoint.

Tulsa Police say Amanda Kidd and a friend had just gotten a meal at the Whataburger near 31st and Memorial at about 2:30 a.m. on May 2, 2013 when a red car pulled up as they were walking.  Kidd says two men jumped out and one of them pulled a gun.

"He put a gun straight to my head and I gave them the purse and they were gone," said Amanda Kidd.

Kidd told police she tried to get a license tag number, but the car drove off too quickly.

She ran to a McDonald's and asked the people inside to call police.

Officers tell News On 6 the car was a red Chevy Impala with a total of four men inside. 

Tulsa Police say Kidd and her friend were not injured.