TULSA, Oklahoma - Artists can spend months even years on a single painting, but the head of the Tulsa Girls Art School is churning out 100 in half a day.

Matt Moffett, the founder and director of the Tulsa GAS project, has been spending all day Friday working on the 100 paintings portraying some of Tulsa's most iconic landmarks.

He only has a little over seven minutes per painting for the fundraiser, and it's proving to be quite the challenge.

"So it's kind of hard to me because I pride myself on taking very good brush strokes and being a really excellent painter, but on this project it's kind of like just 'choo' go," said artist Matt Moffett.

The paintings are on sale for $100 a piece.

The money raised will fund Matt's trip to the School of Visual Arts in New York City so he can become a better painter and teacher to the girls of Green Country.