Hope you didn't put your winter clothes away too early.

We saw our latest snowfall on record Thursday night, and most of it fell in eastern Oklahoma near the state line.

“Everybody thinks it's crazy around here,” Joshua Meredith said. “It was not what I expected in May, not at all.”

It was the talk of Delaware County.

“It was weird,” Meredith said.

Snowfall. In Oklahoma. On May 2.

Parts of our state saw up to 2 inches of a wintry mix.

“Crazy weather, crazy weather,” Colcord’s Kelly Flanary said.

Thursday night's winter weather comes courtesy of an unusually strong arctic front, according to Oklahoma's weather experts.

Previous to this, the latest we've ever seen snow was April 12 and that was in 1957.

They were OMG-ing up and down the eastern side of the state. In Pryor, snow-covered decks in Piney and Stilwell saw an inch-and-a-half.

“I walked outside this morning, I had two inches of snow,” Flanary said.

Flanary got quite the surprise when she went to open her beauty shop Friday morning.

“ I had to go find my snow shovel out in my building,” she said.

She said 2 inches collected on her walkway, and for a second, she was worried what her kids would wear to school.

“Thank goodness I did not put my winter stuff up,” she said. “We listened to LeAnne [Taylor]. Didn't put my stuff up.”

The May snow was the main topic at Speedy's in Kansas, Oklahoma.

“You go to find blizzards at Braum's not right here in Kansas, Oklahoma,” Meredith said.

The clerks said the snow covered everything but the cement. By mid-morning it melted, but that didn't keep them from wondering what was going on.

“It's crazy... see snow in May,” Crystal Waters said.

Conversation is never hard to come by at Kelly's Hair Salon and the women here say this extra dose of winter just gives them one more thing to talk about. Now with a week that saw temps in the 80s then snow, they're wondering...what's next?

“… does but in Oklahoma … I don't think there is a set weather pattern and I think we can just get anything,” Flanagan said.

The Kansas Fire Department says it had only one snow-related issue, a driver slid off the road on U.S. Highway 412 but didn't suffer any injuries.

If you're wondering when the next snow will fall, our weather experts say you'll have to wait until at least the end of October.